Study of Ruth

Wearing a Mask?

wearing a mask? Janine Mendenhall

Since this weekend is all about disguising ourselves, I wonder how many of us are wearing a mask instead of living an authentic life.   When life gets tough, do we put on a smile because we don’t want people to know what’s really going on inside?   Has life become a series of …

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The Very First Time

in danger Janine Mendenhall

For me, one of the most important moments in a romance is the very first time I meet the romantic hero.   If it’s love and trust at first sight–or sound, or whatever the scene presents–I know he deserves the girl, and I’ll root for him to get her, even …

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Things change so quickly


Things change so quickly. One minute we’re on our way to a vacation, the next we could be sitting in a hospital room or a holding cell.   According to James 4:14, our lives are a wisp or a vapor even like the grass that’s here one day and thrown …

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Love Like We Mean It

yield ourselves

So today’s the big day! We’re moving away from the painful backstory and suffering into the love story so we can learn to love like we mean it.   Welcome back to Fall: In Love with the Redeemer and today’s study of Ruth 1:14-18. I’m excited to share about love, …

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3 Ways to Overcome Suffering


Welcome back to this season’s series: Fall: In Love with the Redeemer. Today, I’m sharing 3 Ways to Overcome Suffering as seen in Naomi’s story found in Ruth 1:6-13.   Although the heart of the story–that of Ruth & Boaz—is one of the best romances ever, it opens at a …

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Destined for Hassle-Factor


Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like you’re destined for hassle-factor.   I mean your life appears to have either an over-abundance of struggle, rejection, and/or painful consequences resulting from poor decisions or you simply make mistakes and have mishaps that just seem to pile up around you. …

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