Truth and Lies

One Facet of the Diamond of Truth


  One Facet of the Diamond of Truth   Christmas—the Season to celebrate forgiveness and reconciliation with God through accepting Christ as Lord and Savior—is over! However, the unfathomable gift we gain from that babe in the manger is one facet of the diamond of truth we’ll rejoice in for …

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What is truth?


Since I’ve been sharing about lies we tell ourselves, it would be wise to ask the question: What is truth? It makes quite a splash when you really think about it, and what better time to ask than Holy Week? Question: Why should Holy Week have anything to do with …

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6 ways to overcome lie #3

7 ways to overcome the "I can't do this" lie

Forgive me. I’ve been reviewing 6 ways to overcome lie #3: “I can’t do this.” Unfortunately, that means I’ve been telling myself that lie too. And while I was, I failed to accomplish what I should have been doing. But that’s the thing with this lie.   The minute I …

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