Feeling alone?

feeling alone? Janine Mendenhall“Why is this happening to me?” “No one cares.” “I have plenty of friends; why am I feeling alone?”

We’ve all made comments like these.

It’s in our nature to question. But you’re not alone, and there’s still hope. In fact, there’s more than hope.
Like you, I have felt overwhelmed. And we’ve all suffered painful situations. That’s because we live in a broken world, and in one way or another we are all broken people and feeling alone.
But we survive, and many of us have become more than conquerors through Jesus Christ. Romans 8:37
That’s why we’re sharing our stories—the ones that nearly broke us, or really did break us—because they prove you’re not alone and there’s still hope. And as strange as it may seem, these stories are our success stories.
So stay a while. What are a few more minutes when you’re feeling down and alone, surfing the Internet for answers anyway? One of us may have gone through a struggle like yours.
Check Our Stories to see what I mean. The Light at the end of the tunnel is right here, and He can change everything. Then you can share your story too.

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