Hope is NOT a “touchy-feely” thing.

Easter chick or bunnyHope is NOT a “touchy-feely” thing like a fluffy bear or Santa bunny that has no authentic power or application for life’s real challenges.
That’s because these prop only offer short-term seasonal happiness, no real Hope.
Therefore, since my purpose for this website is to share the Light & the Ultimate Happily Ever After, I’m posting some of the best messages about HOPE I’ve ever heard.
While these three sermons are part of a Christmas series entitled Hope Has Come, in keeping with the Spirit of Christmas, we can use a refreshing message of HOPE all through the year.
Enjoy, my friend, and contact me if you have a question. I’d love to share more about the Light with you.


PS Since all messages about Christ are messages about our only HOPE, be on the lookout for more great messages I’ll be posting, and don’t forget to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.
Hope Promised–by Bo Nelson
Hope Presented–by Bo Nelson
Hope Perfected–by Bo Nelson