Janine–For Inquiring Minds


dreamstime_s_41684412Regarding Janine, for inquiring minds, what would you like to know?

Better yet, what would you like to tell me? Let’s talk about something interesting like what you enjoy doing. You already know I like writing. What really excites you or even represents who you are?
I mean when you saw a magnificent horse, or a great serve in volleyball, a beautiful painting, or an antique in need of redemption, even a house, did you know working on it would be so fulfilling, if that is the right word?
Ball gowns did that for me.
In ‘76 when I saw a Hallmark Hall of Fame special called Beauty and the Beast, I was enchanted. (See original movie below–17:25 begins the scene I never forgot. And, yes! You can be sure I’ve seen Emma Stone in Disney’s newest rendition of the story. It was great!)
Now, resistance is futile, especially where Regency or Victorian dresses are concerned. I truly enjoy studying them. I’ve even made myself a couple period appropriate costumes, though they aren’t the quality history buffs would want. They’re just for me.

Tell me about your thing. I’d love to listen.Ball gowns Williamsburg style
Speaking of listening, it looks like those ladies and the gentleman up there are discussing Janine for inquiring minds in their own time period. Let’s see what they’re saying.

“One night, she stayed up all night sewing an 18th century costume just so she could be Jack Sparrow’s sidekick, Elizabeth Swann, for Disney Day at school.”

“Poor dear: does she know how bizarre that is?”



“I heard her interest in historical fashion grew as she did and turned into a magnificent obsession with happily ever after. Thanks to weekly library visits and a steady supply of Doris Day movies, her compulsion for beauty and a happy ending became addiction.”

“It was so bad one Halloween that she sacrificed her chance to be a princess bride so she could watch The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, another Hallmark special, of course.”

“Yes. And on that fateful evening, she discovered time travel and a new kind of love story.”

“Right, but now she finds (or loses) herself somewhere in time using: Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice or a number of other classics like Jane Eyre and Redeeming Love. Can you imagine?”

“She also traces her habit of crying over anything Nicholas Sparks back to that night. It might stem from being lost in Austen one too many times, though.”

Amazing Grace, both the movie and the hymn, will forever bring her to tears as well. But that’s understandable; they’re tears of joy over God’s blessings.

“Living in North Carolina is another gift from Him.

Having spent her first thirty-eight years in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, she’s amazed by four distinct seasons and trees.”

“Trees . . . Really! Well, God created them; and they point us up to Him so we can learn about His plan. It sounds reasonable enough.”sunraypath

“Speaking of plan, she always wanted to be a teacher. So she has taught high school English since 1990. What else, right? (She’s a school counselor too, but that’s another story.) But by night, when normal people are sleeping, Janine writes. Or she watches historical romance movies and claims she’s doing ‘research.’ Have you ever heard of such a thing?”

“And social media? It’s still a mystery to her, poor thing. Who reads a book to learn how to use Facebook?”

“She’s not as grim about overcoming her introvert tendency now, but once upon a time . . . Let’s just say: her family and their friends are compelling encouraging her to do better.”

“When her knight in shining armor, Tom, and their five children are not trying to get her connected with the 21st Century, they enjoy solving equations; playing classical music on the piano (or any stringed instrument around); writing computer programs, and winning in girls’ volleyball.”

“And because ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged that’ dogs have masters and cats have servants, some Mendenhalls work to gratify the needs of two lap cats.”IMG_2512

“Baxter(front) and Peaches, the family’s two seven-year-old golden retriever “puppies,” are less demanding.

But Janine doesn’t mind, as long as she can write.”

If you’ve read this far in Janine for inquiring minds, you are a true blessing! Thanks for listening, and know, I’m very serious about wanting to hear your story. Contact me soon.

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