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Praise for Starving Hearts ultimately goes to the Lord! May He continue to bless each of you as He has blessed me through your kind comments.

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Additional Praise for my debut novel

“In Starving Hearts, Janine Mendenhall skillfully draws readers into the romance, history, and adventure of 18th-century England as she immerses them into the world of wealth and deception.”

~ Pam Johnson
Freelance editor for Steven James (the Patrick Bowers series)
and Donald Brobst (The Ghost of Africa)

“Such a great book! I loved how different this book was. The characters went through so much trauma! And they did not get miraculously rescued at every turn as is told in most books. A lot more realistic. Settle in and enjoy, this one will grab your attention and won’t let you go until the end!”

~ Kristina
verified purchaser on amazon.com

“Speaking as a teenage reader, I found Starving Hearts a stark contrast from traditional novels. Whereas stories detailing this time period and lifestyle can seem dry and unappealing, Janine Mendenhall definitely continuously holds the interest of her readers. She approaches topics of great importance which adds a refreshing air of reality to the events she describes. I found this to be a gripping, fascinating read. Speaking as a teenage female Christian, however, I felt Mendenhall really captured issues and a personality fitting Annette’s age. I understood the thoughts Annette had and felt a kinship with her as a result which aided in my enjoyment of this story. All in all, a very nice read I would recommend for fans of the genre!”

~ Misha
amazon.com reviewer