Peter’s goal…


Peter’s goal is to begin his ministry with a godly wife.

Though he did not love Miss Sylvia Betherton with the passion of great poetry, he believed once they were wed, his affection would grow.Wow#3

Was that not what so many said?


Besides, finding another suitable lady seemed a daunting task, especially because he was only a second son going into the Church.


His dream came to a grinding halt under the chandelier

at Betherton Hall when her father announced . . .

In time, Peter will see that God has an even better plan for his life, love, and ministry. But first, he and the love of his earthly life must persevere, despite their Starving Hearts.
Click Annette’s love story to meet the lady who boldly asked Peter: “Are you being obedient, or just martyring yourself for another good cause” during a clandestine meeting they had shortly after the announcement.
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2017 Carol & Selah Finalist Starving Hearts--Book #1 of the Triangular Trade Trilogy
Phase:Novel Release
Never Past Hope--Triangular Trade Trilogy Book #2
Perseverance--Triangular Trade Trilogy Book #3
Due:2 years ago