Submission Guidelines

belief makes the difference Janine Mendenhall

While God receives the glory for what we do here,

I’m honored to hear your story and to help get

it ready for posting.

Follow these submission guidelines:

1. Pray for wisdom about using your real name or an alias.

2. Write your 250—450 word story in three parts.*

         a. Beginning—2-3 sentences about life before the challenge

         b. Middle—(longest part)

              i. Tell what happened and how you felt. What doubts and fears did you have?

             ii. Share a verse or the title of a praise/worship song, if you want. I’ll add it with your story if you include a link to a Youtube video.

c. Ending—2-4 sentences explaining why your difficulty gives you hope now.
*Mix it up by starting with the Ending; then transition to the Beginning using “but I wasn’t always that way . . . Maybe jumping into the “shattering glass” details in the Middle is best.
3. Take time to polish it. Hint: Reading aloud helps.
4. Email me a picture of yourself if you’re sharing your name and your story in a Rich Text or MS Word format attachment. I’ll read it asap. If it needs some editing, I’ll do it. (No red ink, I promise.) Then I’ll send it back for your approval. I’ll post it soon after you confirm it is acceptable.
Questions about Submission Guidelines? Click Contact Janine. I’ll get back to you asap.