The Drawing Room

You’d like to know a little more about me? How kind of you to ask.

In another time, I would have shown you to the drawing room, and soon we’d have been laughing over tea.
Pictures aren’t the same, but mine should help transport you to that more gentle era.

The Manor and those roses are quite lovely, are they not? And what of Miss Annette Chetwynd? Have you made her acquaintance? She is so charming, though I can hardly say as much for the rogue beside her.


(Click Romance! to meet the true couple instead of this impostor. In time, you will know them very well, indeed.)

You guessed it; I’m a romantic!

Despite the painful realities of living in a world that grows darker every day, I believe in happily ever afters, especially the Ultimate happily ever after in eternity. And I will never give up hope.
That’IMG_2666s why I’m here.
Whether it’s in the pages of a historical romance or on my blog, I want you to know that no matter what you’ve suffered, there is Hope.(Click The Message to learn more.)
So come in; stay a while. The Light at the end of the tunnel is here. If you want that special happily ever after, which can only be found in an inspirational historical romance, it’s on the way.
I’ve been blessed with my first book contract! IMG_2670


Starving Hearts
has been released, and now I’m working on Never Past Hope (working title). In the meantime, click Annette’s World to discover what terrible disappointments she and Peter face.
Or perhaps you’d like to check out my blog, HOPEfuel. I share insights into our faith and our walk twice a week, and you don’t even have to be a Christian to understand them.
You may also want to read Our Stories to see how the Lord uses the worst situations to give us hope. Submitting your own story is an option too.
Whatever the case, I’m honored that you’ve spent some time with me. Your happily ever after is here.