This Adversary Desires to Own Her

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Regardless of Miss Annette Chetwynd’s opinion, this adversary desires to own her. Sir Likebridge will do and/or sell whatever he must to secure her dowry.
Having suffered some serious losses of his own, love is the furthest thing from Sir Likebridge’s mind. Yet, for a moment Annette thought him to be a very striking gentleman. And had he treated her with some decency, she might have . . .
But since this assault, Annette can no longer abide his presence. Instead, she dreams of someone else and lives under the firm belief that Sir Likebridge has been banned from any involvement or connections with her.

One cannot be certain though, not when this adversary desires to own her, and his starving heart is never satisfied.


Speaking of an inability to fulfill desires, in addition to possessing Annette’s fortune, Sir Likebridge has devious plans for the young pastor, Mr. Peter Adsley, whom Annette does love.


Click Annette’s Story to learn more about Peter’s failed attempt at a marriage proposal. Interestingly enough, the potential bride herself cautions him saying, “no matter how much you long for . . . empathy of souls one finds in a marriage . . . you must not settle for someone who merely allows you to be comfortable.”Wow#4

Speaking of proposals, here’s one that will make you smile. Too bad he never says I love you.

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