You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!


“You’ve come a long way, Baby!” is the best summary I can give for these, the BEST SERMONS I’VE EVER HEARD, on what we are before Christ and what happens to us the moment we actually take that step of faith and believe HIM.
the life you wanted to have
They are also amazing examples of God working to give me hope and to help me know Him better. If you’re willing, He wants to reveal Himself to you too. Give them a try. You can always turn them off.
If you’re listening, know that I’m praying for you. Please contact me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
The New Walk Ephesians 4:17-24 by Pastor Adam Ashoff



This is a very special feature! Please enjoy one of the best “down-to-earth” sermons I’ve heard on God’s sovereignty and how it gives us hope.